Will attorney in Branford, CT

Do-It-Yourself Wills Aren't Worth the Risk

Retaining a wills attorney in Branford, CT is a wise decision. Call Attorney Robin Bruce Sandler today!

It seems so easy to download a will template and fill out basic information. However, do-it-yourself wills aren't specific to Connecticut law or designed for unique circumstances. An experienced estate planning attorney can draft a will that details your final wishes.

Attorney Robin Bruce Sandler has over 35 years of legal experience. Residents of Branford, CT and surrounding areas trust him to draft their wills. You can, too.

What should your will include?

This is a good question to ask Attorney Robin Bruce Sandler. During your no-obligation consultation, you can discuss...

  • Who you trust to settle your affairs or become your children's guardian
  • Who should inherit your property or digital assets
  • How you can provide for your children

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