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Fast Facts About the Real Estate Closing Process

Retain an experienced attorney in Branford, CT for peace of mind

The real estate closing process begins once a home seller accepts a homebuyer's offer. If you're in the final stretch of selling or buying a home in the Branford, CT area, you've come to the right real estate attorney. Attorney Robin Bruce Sandler can help you navigate this complex real estate law process.

Here are a few things you should know about the real estate closing process:

  • It could take several weeks.
  • It involves a lot of legal and loan paperwork.
  • It's the ideal time to negotiate closing costs with the home seller.

You'll appreciate having attorney Sandler in your corner.

Your closing, your choice

Your closing, your choice

If you're buying a home in the Branford, CT area, you don't have to retain the real estate attorney your lender recommends. Attorney Sandler has been serving the Shoreline community since 1984.

He can explain your contract in a way you understand and empower you to make informed purchasing decisions. Contact him today at 203-483-0003 to discuss your real estate purchase.