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Understand the Probate Process in Connecticut

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When someone dies in Connecticut, the court oversees the distribution of the deceased person's assets and payment of debts. The probate process can be confusing, but a probate attorney in Branford, CT can explain it in simple terms.

Turn to Attorney Robin Bruce Sandler to learn...

  • Who administers an estate
  • How the court validates a will
  • What kinds of assets go through probate

You'll appreciate working with an experienced probate attorney.

Will your assets go through probate?

In general, assets with named beneficiaries or in living trusts don't go through probate in Connecticut. If you'd like to set aside assets for your loved ones without the court getting involved, ask Attorney Robin Bruce Sandler about your estate planning options. He has over three decades of legal experience.

Keep in mind that your loved ones must file an estate tax return even if your estate bypasses probate.

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